Abstract Tapestry

Marton Romvari

I am exploring new worlds in the field of oil painting. Although I am working with non-objectivity, that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t be interested in reality. I am searching the hidden side of nature and reality, for the flow of dense-woven waves within the elements of earth, fire, water and air. At first sight, my paintings could be viewed as single cells organisms or biological building blocks – a microscopic world locked in a Petri dish. My intention is to show the intensity of close pulsating powers.

I am interested in observing changes, while wandering through biomorphic imagination. As I paint, I create a balance between the planned and the improvised. The forms in the painting open a world to the imagination of the viewer. After much experimentation, I settled on the lacquer technique, as it best represents the impressions of my own visual system. There is an airy opaqueness to the form, a moment of suspension and glowing colors that the gaze can sink into.