Abstract Tapestry

Kati Vilim

I find it challenging to paint abstract paintings in a traditional way in the 21st century. We are affected by huge amount of pictures we have never had before in history. How this impact is changing our visual capabilities and the way of expression? Whether we are aware of it or not, our brain is built to work with abstract systems. This is something very human, independent of the culture we grow up in, what kind of education we had, in which century – we live and function through abstract thinking.

There is infinite information with different structures around us. How can we orient ourselves between them?

Abstraction makes possible the transmission between the reality of the world outside and the inner entity. It is also the mental field where culture exists, where we can communicate and find social symbiosis.

My constructed abstract compositions: paintings, prints and light installations are investigating the perception and invite us to examining and transposing our visual experiences and spend time in a common process of contemplation.