Abstract Tapestry

Dora Tomulic

I love storytelling. I tell stories though abstract paintings. Each of my paintings is a mystical world of itself, full of iconography developed from personal symbolism. Although the symbolism and metaphors in my work are very personal, I find it fascinating that they evoke in every observer their own personal associations.

Ideas for my paintings are developed from real situations in nature. I take photographs of dry leaves, branches and gravel on the ground. I analyze them beyond the surface and first interpret through drawings the geometric structures and the underlying relationships between the objects, which result in an infinite source of spatial relations, dizzying display of movement in space, explorations of swirls, spinning, curving, collision of antonyms of chaos and order.

I often develop a series of drawings and paintings from one photograph. Using the process of metamorphosis I create a subjective, sometimes humoristic allegory for every painting. As work progresses, although the paintings at first glance appear to be almost kaleidoscopical, subtle figuration emerges which originates from my affinity for metaphors and integration of complex visual narrative.

I predominantly work in acrylics, since they dry quickly and enable countless layering, giving colors a vibratory quality. I also do collages from my own computer graphics. These graphics are developed from my hand drawings which I scan and then experiment with them to develop series of graphics. Recently I have been painting directly on unprimed wood. The effect of the wood texture showing through acyrlic layers highlights the quality of the underlying wood color.