Abstract Tapestry

Ana de la Cueva

For several years, my artistic work has been the result of an investigation of territoriality, transit and limits. Maps, understood as geographical boundaries – boundaries that include significant economic, political and cultural relations between Mexico and the United States. On our continent the transgression of these barriers is not only prevalent but occurs on an everyday basis. Each year, thousands of migrants move from the southern states of “America” embarking on a journey towards a better quality of life, often at risk of losing their own. Meanwhile, the established drug trafficking networks draw a different route, and although the purpose is not the same, their constant search brings alternative paths to a larger map of their own. Combining imperative and clandestine trade, this human traffic has formed the image of a densely compacted social fabric, with a very uncertain solution.

Using simple visual elements, my attempt is to stimulate a reflection on the profound nature of the border, both in the areas of artistic creation and the no less ambiguous areas of human coexistence.